up close of young man getting acupuncture in the middle of his back

Acupuncture is the longest continuously practiced medical procedure in the world. It originated in China around 5,000 Years ago. Acupuncture’s use spread thru Europe and the Middle East as merchants and missionaries returning from China, told of the amazing results of the oriental practice.

In the United States, little was known about acupuncture until 1971 when President Nixon became the first U.S. president to visit China. During the trip, a famous New York Times columnist, James Reston had to undergo emergency surgery for appendicitis and decided to use acupuncture instead of medication for postop pain relief. He wrote a column titled “Let me tell you about my appendectomy in Peking”, detailing his dramatic response. Henry Kissinger also mentioned the use of acupuncture at a press briefing after Nixon’s return to the United States.

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